Solarpunk Lab is a project aimed at promoting the practical philosophy of Solarpunk to explore and experiment practices that enable citizens to social and sustainable resistance, against an ever growing sense of dystopian impotence, agonizing capitalism and ecological catastrophe.

In these uncertain times of extreme geopolitical instability, energy and environmental crisis and social inequality we are looking at options for not just surviving with human dignity but for catching the chance of a radical shift in thinking and making. We believe that this shift will bring our societies to a new level of global consciousness where the respect of the “natural” order of things will spontaneously lead to a unity of spirits, and differences become a primary source of health and wealth.

We perceive Solarpunk, originally born as a fictional literary genre with a strong “positive” perspective on the future of humanity (in this and extra-planetary worlds) as a seamless container of ideas and projects that can fulfil its original vision adopting a set of fluid strategies with a strong and direct impact.

These strategies are largely based on DIY (Do It Yourself) and DIT (Do It Together) actions that affirm equality, promote diversity and reinforce connections between individuals, communities and nature. Such actions are characterised by the intelligent and respectful use of renewable energies and the convergence of ephemeral technologies (digital/electronic) and ancient wisdom in artisanry, building and farming, to inspire infinite possibilities of eco-logical creations and off-grid lifestyles.

Series of periodic events will be organised by Solarpunk Lab, to be held at permanent and nomadic spaces, aimed at educating, informing and enabling the general public to simple, affordable and practical actions that put together renewable energy sources (solar, eolic, geothermal), physical computing, digital fabrication, eco-passive and morpho-ecology architecture, natural and artificial photosynthesis, bacterial fermentation, mycelium culturing and other interdisciplinary practices to re-invent the present and re-design the future.

Solarpunk Lab performative contraptions, invented or derived by the lab experiments, will then be (dis)played in public installations and group rituals.

Solarpunk Lab also wants to awaken a sense of open and active participation so that the scope of the lab itself gets critically redefined at each step, escaping labels and conceptual boundaries.



online course, held by TeZ at COMMDE (Department of Industrial Design, Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University of Bangkok) from May 23rd to 26th, 2022.

This 4-days online workshop was aimed at examining the roots and the current status of the Solarpunk movement, the manifold of components that forms its fluid container of ideas and practices, and a set of hands-on actions to help embrace an eco-activist and anti-doomerism future.

The workshop covered a vast variety of interconnected topics, ranging from doomerism culture, *punk literature, eco-rebellion, no-manifesto, ecotopia, Buckminster Fuller, Solarpunk aesthetics, Solarpunk blogging, renewable energy myths and facts, to guerrilla gardening, permaculture, terracotta and bamboo cooling, eco-passive architecture, earthships, off-grid living, solar cooking, solar printing, solar marketing, greenwashing, fermentation, bioreactors, vertical farming, Scuttlebutt network, Solartronics, REC/REP (recycle, repair, repurpose) and Lunarpunk.

Four (analog) practical assignments were given for this course:

- Re_grow your veggie grocery

- Guerrilla gardening (with DIY seed spreader and seed bombs)

- Solar cooking (with DIY solar oven)

- REC/REP: create new useful object(s) doing RECycle, REPair, REPurpose


Solarpunk Lab is partaking "THE ENERGY SHOW" exhibition opening on September 3, until April 5, 2023 at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam with Solartronics and printed [he]artworks on recycled material. A preview of these artworks were already on display at Salone del Mobile in Milan.


A six months calendar filled with intense Solarpunk Lab actions will start in October 2022 in Amsterdam Noord (NL) in collaboration with TOLHUISTUIN, featuring weekly activities and comprising hackathons, workshops, podcasts, presentations, performances, exhibitions, gatherings, field trips and parties.
Details of this program will be published here when coordination and sponsorships will be finalized. Stay tuned!


Our Lab is an open community, don't hesitate to contact us if you want to directly participate to our actions or just stay in touch!


Albert Cuypstraat 31-II,

1072CL Amsterdam [NL]